Cra-Yon Parfum
Cra-Yon was launched in 2020 by French/Swedish fragrance pioneers Christine and Niclas Lydeen. They have developed award-winning fragrances in the premium segment for many years, always with the same fascination and exploration of the transportive power of scent as enhancer and elevator of our well-being.

Christine has a French background and was educated at Studio Bercot in Paris and has worked at trend agencies such as Li Edelkoort and the fashion house Vivienne Westwood before fragrance became her main form of expression. Niclas has an MFA in Design and has worked as a Creative Director for several brands and design agencies and has also worked artistically with senses and scent as a starting point. 

Everything we do at CRA-YON is about sparking joy, curiosity and wellbeing. We believe in being present in the moment, appreciating our senses, and being curious about the world around us. We are building a community that is inclusive and inspiring, where everyone is welcome.

To that end, we have taken a clean and sophisticated approach to our packaging design, removing all excess elements often used in luxury packaging. We strive to offer sustainable and refined packaging that is not only affordable but also environmentally friendly.

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