HVISK is a Danish fashion brand founded in Copenhagen. The brand is inspired by the vibrant streets of Copenhagen with an ambition of designing bags creating the feeling of a playful, colorful or detail-oriented look that will give the individual a more personal style.  

The brand name, HVISK, is originally derived from the term word-of-mouth, and the fact that a message and information travel from person to person by digital communication and social media. HVISK can be found in more than 600 selected department stores and retailers worldwide.

HVISK is a fashion brand creating colourful and playful accessories inspired by the vibrant streets of Copenhagen in Denmark. Each and every one of our collections have focus on Scandinavian style and trends, materials and quality, and are designed in order to create the feeling of a trendy, colourful and detail-oriented look that will compliment your style.

Our materials are a journey for us. In 2019 we decided to become a peta certified vegan brand and thereby refraining from not using leather for our products. Our goal is to become more and more sustainable and use sustainable and recycled materials in our collections. (GRS)

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