//Maria Black
Maria Black is a crafted and considered brand where truly unique products tells a story of sensitivity and strenghts.
With an audience whose minds are open and where opinions are informed, who form emotional attachments to the pieces they love, but value experience above all else.
Striving to make intelligent jewellery that make people think, Maria Black has moved from being a silver apparel brand, into the exclusive and elusive world with ne jewellery - today her brand is sold all over the world in high-end stores.


Continuously innovating the perception of body adornment with unrivalled stories and newly invented features we are infused with a philosophy of making jewellery playful and customizable, encouraged to be mixed and matched.
By delving into culture and people, we strive to connect a global community celebrating individuality.

We will consistently challenge and revolutionize the significance of jewellery and or a unique customer experience.


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