//Rabens Saloner
Rabens Saloner is an exclusive ever-developing Danish fashion brand for women founded by designer & Creative Director Birgitte Raben Olrik. Rabens Saloner aims towards making dreams come alive. In a busy world where the adventure is often neglected, the collections are all about creating a sense of travelling, experiencing and dreaming, so each style has its own story to tell.

Rabens Saloner was founded in 2007. At this time the range of Rabens Saloner consisted mostly of cotton styles, and the brand became famous of its exotic boho style. The famous ‘Angel’ dress, a uttering cotton gown with wide sleeves, was the break-through of the brand in the fashion business, and Rabens Saloner went from being Birgitte’s one-woman business to be a fast-growing company with employees.

Today Rabens Saloner’s collections consist of a wide range of styles that addresses both the urban L.A. type, the rock n’ roll, the DNA tie-dye pieces from Bali as well as the classic and more sophisticated styles. Good quality and handmade products are what characterises Rabens Saloner, where the love for traditional Eastern craftsmanship is the focal point of the brand DNA.

Birgitte is an adventurer who loves to travel and get inspired by people, nature and cultures from all over the world. She lives half of the year at Bali from where she develops and works with print, colours and materials in close cooperation with the local artisans, with whom she has built strong relationships.

Rabens Saloner’s headquarter is based in Vesterbro, Copenhagen, where 16 employees are a liated. Team Rabens Saloner also count several employees around the world, most im- portantly in the East, who works with purchasing, merchandising etc. Abroad the brand is represented by agencies worldwide.

Today Rabens Saloner is represented all over the world, and the brand is still growing. In the future we will see more agship stores abroad that will represent the full universe of Rabens Saloner with all it implies of fashion & interior.