Situated in Jutland, Denmark, Revolution have been making conscious streetwear based on a slow fashion principle since 1995. Driven by an ambition to provide affordable yet durable menswear to a style-considered consumer, Revolution's collections emphasize on expressive looks, comfortable fits and attention to details.

Taking inspiration from cultural nostalgia, graphic design, urban sports and vintage clothing, Revolution launches two contemporary collections as well as two revolutionary capsules every year.

Never wavering from the standpoint of being a staple Scandinavian streetwear label, Revolution continues to explore trends while holding on to the core identity and heritage of the brand.
In the beginning it was all about graphic t-shirts, locally printed and delivered to the shops personally. The world of printed t-shirts was explored with more than 200-300 different prints a year – some styles made in as low as 20 pieces.

In a slow, but well considered, pace the collection grew to contain more options and product groups as well. As customer a bit more far away than what you can deliver personally.

Today RVLT Revolution is a full range brand with styles within t-shirts, sweatshirts, shirts, knitwear, trousers, denim, jackets and accessories.

RVLT Revolution is a contemporary international street fashion brand with an unmistakable desire to create. The brand can be found across the world in independent retailers, department store as well as larger selection of online webshops.

The mission was and still is to create easygoing, casual clothing for everyday wear. RVLT is a contemporary street fashion brand, which draws inspiration from sportswear, high fashion, graphic design and the world of art and sub-cultures. RVLT is not timeless, but constantly evolving. Its founders and team around them have a distinct and unique passion to create not re-create.